Sepoch Exchange Profil

Sepoch Exchange is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides currency trading services for a range of blockchain assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. Founded by professionals in the blockchain and digital assets, the core team is from Europe and China. The current operation hubs are located in Shenzhen, CHINA and Paris, FRANCE.
The vision of Sepoch Exchange is the world's first professional investment trading platform community which built on ensuring the profits of global users’community and KOL.

Mining by trading

On the JinglanEx platform, you can get a platform pass for trading in any currency, and you can get a platform fee reward for holding a token. Please refer to the website announcement for the specific mining rules and the rules for holding the token.

Our technology

Safe, stable and reliable technology accumulation is a powerful guarantee for the safety of users' assets and the rapid and accurate service.

1、Extended HDM wallet technology: Using a single cold wallet and a multi-layer hot wallet to generate a payment address through multiple signatures, both to meet the security performance of the wallet and to meet the expansion requirements of the wallet and address.

2、Intelligent exchange service solution: Separate CDN front-end cluster, physical layer anti-DDOS attack, and anti-smashing machine. Layered LVS and DB agent interface architecture, easy to solve front-end and back-end expansion problems.

3、Real-time accounting and transaction processing mechanism: user transaction CNC real-time accounting, full transaction processing. After the transaction is completed, the data will land in real time, and redundant backup and update cache will ensure that each account of the user is correct and reliable.