Notice of risk

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies are special virtual goods. As a commodity trading on the Internet, everyone is free to participate or withdraw by knowing all risks. There are many uncertainties in the cryptocurrency market. Uncontrollable risk factors (such as pre-mining before launching, Huge Holders manipulation, Team disbanding, Technical defects, etc.) lead to extremely high risks.  Sepoch Exchange provides a online trading platform for enthusiasts of virtual goods such as cryptocurrencies. The website operator does not undertake legal liability for guarantees and compensation for any review of the source and value of virtual goods such as cryptocurrency exchanged between users on the Sepoch.


Please be sure to pay attention to the following points:

1.    Be wary of false propaganda. Do not listen to any propaganda that the currency will rise forever. As a virtual commodity, cryptocurrency has a very high risk, and it is very likely that the value will down to zero.

2.    The marketing commitments of the promotion and operators need to be discreetly discriminated. There is no relevant law to guarantee their fulfilment of commitments. Sepoch Exchange will not endorse and promise any cryptocurrency.

3.    Resolutely reject multi-level pyramid schemes. It is illegal to participate in such organizations in any country, and all consequences are at your own responsibility. The platform will cooperate with the requirements of relevant law enforcement agencies to conduct investigations and obtain evidence.

4.    The physical property and the rights enjoyed by the holder of virtual goods such as cryptocurrency and digital credits may be unsuccessful due to bankruptcy, related parties such as the issuer and other business risks such as closure or illegality.

5.    Users registered and exchanged on Sepoch shall ensure that the registration identity information is true and accurate, the source of the virtual goods such as the cryptocurrency to be exchanged is legal. The Platform has no responsibility for any problems caused by untrue information.

6.    Please control the risk, do not invest beyond your risk tolerance, don't buy virtual goods such as cryptocurrency that you don't understand.


Due to relevant policies and regulations, Sepoch Cryptocurrency Exchange will not accept US user registration.